Friday, December 19, 2008

What's cooking?

Well I'm glad you asked, because I thought you might like a steaming hot plate of kick ass terrain for your eye sockets....Dig in!

First up is a little piece I like to call:


It features a removable gun nest on the roof, a removable rope ladder,  trench section with Battle damage, and kung fu action grip! OK  I made up the last part, but this is a seriously cool piece. You could have a fun game, totally centered on getting into this death provider....





Next up on our feast of terrain, straight out of saw studios twisted sense of urban planning is a little piece I like to call "The Fountain" I know it's not very original, but what can i say, I'm not that creative. ;)


This high tech recon/listening point started out as a nice fountain in a park somewhere, stroking the ego of the local plutocrat. After the revolt, at the time of the Great world war, it was discovered it was still leaking water, the imperial engineers fit it up with a hydro scrubber unit, turning it into a re supply point, further advancing the glorious imperium.






And for a desert I ask you to humor me for a Moment:


 Imagine if you would a planet, a death world in fact, covered in sand and snow.


Mining Log 45-760-23.8

Crew Boss 27 -

Cold and dead, at the back of nowhere in an out of the way little section of the universe, so far from anything that there are a disproportionate amount of robots, or servitors, to humans.

Back to the planet, who's lonely designator Xj-47, not even named by a Terran human properly yet, This weather has been the biggest challenge so far. Once they get deep enough, there will be little need for these harsh weather suits, but for the time, everyone is glad there wearing them. There is a thin atmosphere here, but it is little use trying to breath with out a respirator, as the wind is so cold, if it catches you right, you can actually flash freeze your lungs....

not a good way to go....

R.I.P. Sturnman, you were a pioneer, and will not be forgotten!

The Machinery has been acting up, but what's new? Luckily the company worked a deal and we will get resupply in 3 months from a big passenger ship, that will be in our sector.


Mining Log  45-760-45.2

Crew Boss 27 -

As Farbins was running the scope today before the next section of drilling he found something.......


There seems to be a rather large .....

complex of what seems to be "tunnels" down here. As we scope out more, we have discovered that some of the "rooms" seem to be emitting strange power readings. We were all starting to get spooked, until our chief life science officer pointed out, that there were no life signs. Could you imagine if we stumbled right into the middle of some kind of organised life form way out here?

Anyways, we will breach one of these "rooms" tomorrow, and I'm sure it will just turn out to be some sort of weird old  underground dry river, or something... 



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