Monday, January 12, 2009

Bringing it...

Here's your good buddy saw with some more pics, from the evolving urban project. The more I do city pieces, the more I love doing city pieces, it's a sickness I know, but I have a vision & I must follow it.

Thanks to plastic shadow for helping with the pics,  and now I present our first piece for the night I like to call "Meeting"....


The Wereshark is a Reaper pewter miniature....

Up next , for a goof I built a little dumpster to keep little parts in, as I'm building stuff.


The next little guy, I received in the mail free from a company I found on line, and I can't remember the name... I'm sorry.

I modeled him after a medic in world war 2 around the time of the battle of the bulge...


And now, as promised more pics of my derelict satellite dish. I wanted it to look as if it were on a planet covered in sand and snow and smelling faintly of fear and death.... hmmm, cozy.


and another close up:


I'm building a little solar power module that umbilical to the satellite with an interchangeable power cord (intact, and destroyed).

Up next I give you a small vignette I like to call "Old brothers"...



Here's a close up:

God bless games workshop for producing such kick ass miniatures.  Even though I'm crying every time I go to pay for a new miniature, I still am buying them like a ravenous crack head..... Must paint miniatures.... ahhhhh.... sweet bliss (think homer Simpson).

Here's some more :

Note- I'm Sorry they are not based yet. I am waiting to base when I complete my collection and unfortunately I have lofty goals, but I do have a plan, and beg your forgiveness. If you have no idea what I'm talking about your probably a Friend of mine, being cool and supporting me so - thanks! and great taste in friends !!!

The Commissar-




The Sniper-


The Missionary-


Here's my APC ( actually a Chimera from games workshop)


Here's the tank commander-


Here's a pic of my walker (a lethal killing platform and a snappy dancer)....


And a couple randoms to fill out this post....

An old school vet, doing what he does best...


And the last one for this fine evening is a little scene I would like you to conjure up in your mind.

Imagine the last thing you would see, as your armor was melting off your smoking bodies,

As the Virus bombs fall -


Sweet dreams ....


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