Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bring it

Happy New year 2010!!!

I hope this year brings love and prosperity to you and yours!
Now on with the show...

Just a nice shot, by the water tower to get you started. Now onto the mine...

Here are the 3 sections put together. There slowly making progress into the mountain. Click on the pics to see a bigger image. when I get this done, I wonder how big it will be? The image above, is approx. 2 feet right now!

Here's a shot with the prototype piece put in as well, I'm really pleased with how this project is coming out so far.
The only problem is I'm running out of

Here's a gate I built that can be placed any where in the mine, as a barrier, or as an objective. One side is painted as a danger gate, the other side is marked for rescue.

Here is a T section, complete with supplies and a map. What good is a mine without a T section?

Here is an end cap piece. I wanted this one to look like they were getting ready to blast in deeper, building the mine. Always building the mine. No rest for the miners. sorry, I feel like I've been digging the mine, oh wait I have.... moving on...

Here's the last thing poor engineer 3rd class Peterson saw, before he was killed by a terrible metal monster, that just would not die....

You better watch out 2010, I'm ready for you. This year is going to be a good one for your old buddy saw, I can just feel it.
Happy new year, and game on!


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