Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blizzards suck for mining

I'm back, and I'm sharing....

Here's some pics from my latest build. It was a rewarding and challenging set for a blizzard world, with an abandoned mining complex. I built a mining station, a hab, a dice tower, in the shape of a surveyors mountain, and some hills and such. It was a blast, but I am sick of the smell of baking

Please enjoy my madness....

here we see a perspective shot of the main piece. it is a giant. it has the feel of an abandoned fuel depot, as well a small supply station along with the massive drill.

Here we see a front shot, with abandoned crates and such...

Here is a close up, from the fuel line walkway, by the boiler, that lights up!

Here is a back shot, with one of the control stations. The roof is removable so you can see the detail, below the grates better.

Here is my hab. Ah.... Hab, sweet Hab. No wonder they left!
Here is a front shot.

Here is a shot of the sat dish on the hab.... Even when freezing your boys off you still need to call home.

Here is a back shot, with the loading dock.

In other news, i have finally set up my prints, on deviant art, so now you can purchase prints of any of my artwork.If you haven't checked it out yet, please do!

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