Sunday, June 28, 2009

Remember stonewall

It has been a while my loyal readers, since I have infected your eye holes, with some saw goodness, and for that I apologize. It is a combination of sleep deprivation, combat induced psychosis, and a lack of batteries, but that's a story for another day. Today I was moved off my "poor me" throne, as well as my lighter side of all things miniature, by a higher motivation..... Friendship.

I consider myself lucky not only to be friends with both gay and lesbian individuals, but also that I am not chained by a prejudice, or blind hatred for people that want nothing more then the right to love who they want.

As a 2x veteran of my beloved country, I have always believed in the principals of freedom. We have overcome much in this country in regards to civil liberties, but I feel saddened that the gay rights movement, has continued to be shunned. For what?

We all have the right to love & be loved.......



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  1. Dude! I'm glad to know you, man! Glad to my core!