Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mining Rig #619

Well hey howdy, and welcome to another post from your friendly underground artist Saw. I have been getting alot of compliments on my mining rig...Thank you. With that theme in mind....
You were picking up what I was putting down..... alright! You wanted more pics of the rig, well here you go, you animals!

That little baby was a 6 Mo. labor of love. I would be stumped for a while on how to build something, then work it through, only o get another challenge. I was partly inspired by the TV show " The deadliest catch", as I thought they would live on these rigs, as well as work on them for long periods, in harsh conditions. Almost like a land boat... A really big one, built on a super heavy Tank chassis.

Here is the MULE support mining car.

It fits in the mine tunnels and does all the heavy lifting.

Now I'm off to work more on the mine sections....

Soon the Necron will break through... poor miners!


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