Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hail to art in all it's forms

I'm sitting in my hotel room, wiped out from 2 days of pure heaven. I have immersed myself in my hobby, one of my loves; and my favorite art form..... Yes you guessed it terrain. Not only terrain though, but I've been talking miniatures, fine scale modeling, painting techniques, art in many forms, as well as seeing business sharing ideas and innovative products like the Grex airbrush line (drool,…. it’s so cool) or the guy’s (and gal) from blue table painting, who are not only super cool and talented beyond belief, but absolute painting machines (like 12 straight hours, I think). Also I have to give mad props from my old media days to the guys from 40K nation working hard running a professional web streaming show, doing  interviews,  live blog celebs Q and A’s, as well as all the final games for this amazing  tournament (and that’s just what I've seen when I could peek in). I know that’s hard work, and their just so cool.

 I have been honored to talk with gamers from across the country, hobby enthusiast, curious hotel staff and guests, as well as artists of such an amazing caliber; I'm humbled by their inclusion of me in the community. To everyone I have talked with, it has been a sincere pleasure, for all the compliments, a humble thank you, to all the familiar faces I am getting to know, your loyalty shows the very best that people can be; and for all the support..... There is not a word I know that can encompass, or explain how much it means to me!

See you all at the show tomorrow!


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