Friday, November 2, 2012

Trench extension

Hey all, 

Here are some pictures of my Infinity extension board I did for Mr. Adam stout. It's a 3' wide, by 4' long piece of eye candy I just had to share with you all. It's a Teseum mine, container yard, with a 90' (scale) overhead traveling crane. I also incorporated a dice tower, and a rail system, to link up with mine pieces; if the need ever comes up. The containers themselves were made by a very talented paper artist by the name of Tommygun. (Sadly, at the time of this post, his website looks to be down, so I linked to his Warseer forum pages. Look for his link to his website on the bottom of his posts).
 Thank you again for your generosity Tommygun, as this wouldn't look the same without your models!

As I am a knuckle head, with a severe case of technical bad luck, I was not able to get any production shots of the finished board. Adam being the fine human being that he is, brought the board down to demo it, at feast of blades and Rob from Spikey bits, was there and snapped some shots. A big thank you to Rob, and Adam for hooking a brother up, thanks guys!

Thanks again to Adam for his patronage, Infinity for putting out a great game, and Rob for getting me the pics, as well as all of you who are writing in, and complementing my work, or just checking it out... Thanks! 

Keep building,

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